Haley Street Adult Services Centre Society is a member of DIRECTIONS

About Haley Street

Haley Street Adult Services Centre is a vocational training facility for adults with disabilities. The Centre started in the late 1960’s as a drop-in activity centre run by volunteers. It was a place for people to gather and socialize after they had finished their education. Originally run by the local CAMR, the Centre eventually evolved into an Adult Services Centre model through a partnership with the former Department of Social Services. The focus then changed to one where transferable skills were taught.

What Makes Haley Street Unique

The services that Haley Street provides are the only type of its kind in the community. The Centre serves individuals who come with a very wide range of skill sets as well as people who have complicated and challenging support needs. The agency provides an opportunity for people to learn skills that will assist them along the continuum of independence.

Board of Directors

The agency is run by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of members of the community.

President - Judy Gouthro Snow
Vice President - Joe McCarthy
Treasurer - Judy Whalen
Secretary - Louvine Kemp
Director - Nora Doyle
Director - Rose Hall
Director - Gerald (Bud) Devoe