Haley Street Adult Services Centre Society is a member of DIRECTIONS


Carolyn Adams

Carolyn was a social butterfly who’s kindness touched all. She loved to share stories and talk to her friends and help those around her. She liked to be productive during her day. She loved a good laugh and will be missed by us all.

Steven Jenkins

Steven knew everyone in his hometown. Steven was a charmer who had no rival. He was a kind and generous person who was very well thought of by everyone. At his funeral many people thought that a dignitary had passed away because the crowds and the length of the honour guard were amazing. Steven was a genuinely great guy.

Charmaine Cantwell

Charmaine was a fighter who kept involved in things around her despite the tremendous barriers she faced. She was always dressed ‘to the nines’ and loved to flirt with young men. She would bat her beautiful eyelashes and win the hearts of all who knew her.

Flossie MacNeil

Floss had a great way of avoiding work and getting in trouble by flashing her devilish smile and melting everyone’s hearts. Floss was a gentle soul who loved attention and sharing a cup of tea with her friends.

Anne Marsh

Anne was one-of-a-kind. Her zest for life was infectious and her sense of humour was a great joy to us all. Everyone loved lobster season as Annes’ brother fished and Anne would bring in lobster to surprise us. We were never quite sure if that was with or without permission of her brother.

John Gouthro

John loved music and his favorite movies. Though he had many obstacles in his way, John was a fighter and found ways to let us know what he needed in his own way. John learned to enjoy the company of others and was an endearing person.  His laughter and smile will be an enduring memory for us all.

Angie Bernard

Angie had a fiery personality and made sure we understood what her needs were. She had a great laugh and a colourful vocabulary that made her very memorable. She loved her purse and her possessions and was very proud of them.

Rhonda MacLellan

Rhonda was a woman who commanded our attention. She was a funny, sweet person who was immediately in the middle of everything that was going on. She had an infectious laugh that made everyone around her smile.

David Wayne MacDonald

David found his own unique way to communicate to us - and the name “Maggie” applied to us all. He was adamant about what his needs were and he wasn’t shy about sharing them. He loved a good practical joke and his engaging laughter made everyone smile.

John Gannon

John was the consummate comedienne. No one loved a good prank like John. He was a dignified man who brought his briefcase to work and enjoyed being with his friends. John  will always be remembered for his love of the "King", Elvis.